Giuseppe Borsalino – nicknamed "u siur Pipen" (Master Joe) in the local dialect – was born in Italy in 1834. After apprenticing in his hometown, Alessandria, and refining his craft over some seven years, he qualified as Master Hatter and opened his first workshop in a courtyard in Via Schiavina in Alessandria. This was the beginning of a great success story that infused humanity with immense satisfaction, becoming the stuff of legend.

"In the past, we created generations of style ...today we create the style of the new generations."

Today, Borsalino is synonymous with class, quality, and refinement. Ahead of the future, Borsalino is headwear’s standard-bearer, sold in the most elegant boutiques and prestigious department stores across the globe. Borsalino hats have immortalized countless heads and made our world a more stylish place.


In 2015, the first exclusive Borsalino retail shop serving the Jewish community opens in Brooklyn, New York. A 160-year heritage of hat-making excellence meets the 3300-year heritage of Jewish tradition. As classily designed as the hats they house, the Borsalino for Atica boutique is tailored for our community.

From formal lifecycle events to celebratory festive occasions to haute-casual, Borsalino for Atica crowns our minds, reminds us what’s above, and bears witness to an eternal people.

Welcome to the next step in an everlasting chain of excellence in tradition.