Borsalino fedora hat craftsmanship at work

Hat Resources

Making a Borsalino Hat

Borsalino fedora hats are made with old-school hat making methods that surpass the test of time. In truth, there are 52 steps to perfecting a Borsalino hat and it's a seven week journey from start to finish. Walk the journey with us on making a Borsalino fedora hat.

How Borsalino Hats are Transformed

Every hat made by Borsalino has a level of craftsmanship that surpasses any mass-manufactured hat you'll find on the market - and each hat is molded to fit the personality of the buyer. Take a peek into our hat lab to see where our hats are transformed.

Size Guide

Buying a hat online is never an easy task but we try to make buying a hat in the right size easier with our hat size guide. Complete with a handy video, our hat size guide and complimentary hat size chart will help you get the best fit possible before you purchase your hat.

General Hat Care

When you buy a nice hat, you want to ensure the quality of the hat stays for a while. Prolonging the life of your hat can be as simple as learning the proper ways to store and clean your hat. From storing and cleaning your fedora to taking care of and prolonging the life of your hat, you can read up on all of the general hat care precautions and hat care instructions to take.


Getting a Fedora Hat Fixed

At Borsalino for Atica, we're sometimes asked if there is a way to fix a fedora or clean it up. In truth, there is! We have a full process for fixing and cleaning hats. Watch the video to learn the process of fixing and cleaning the hats we sell.