Torino 34
Torino 34
Torino 34

Torino 34

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Material: 100% Rabbit Fur  Origin: Handmade in Italy
Inside Band: Leather Brim Size: 3.0"
Brim Finish: Double Inner Stitch  Ribbon Height: 1 & 1/4" (Linee 14)
Borsalino Logo: No 


When handling A hat, do so by the base of its brim rather than its crown.

Too much pinching of the fur-felt will cause the crown to lose its stiffness and shape.

Brushing a hat with a horse-hair or non abrasive brush is vital to the appearance and health of its fur-felt, and should be done whenever dust/debris buildup occurs.

Store A hat in our original box to prolong its life, or free-hang on a hook for short term storage.

Extra care should be taken while A hat is wet. Placing a hat upright on its brim is only advised while it is wet/drying.

A soft absorbent surface is Ideal for the integrity of the fur-felt.