Panama Medium Blue
Panama Medium Blue
Panama Medium Blue

Panama Medium Blue

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Material: 100% Straw Origin: Handwoven in Ecuador
Inside Band: Grosgrain Material  Brim Size: 2 & 3/8"
Brim Finish: Single Single Inner Stich  Ribbon Height: 1 & 1/4" (Linee 14)
Borsalino Logo: YES

Hat care is vital to the longevity of your hat. Improper hat care can cause premature deterioration to your hat. Borsalino for Atica wants to help you care for your hat properly so we created a short guide of hat care instructions.

When handling a hat, do so by the base of its brim rather than its crown.

Too much pinching of the fur-felt will cause the crown to lose its stiffness and shape.

Brushing a hat with a horse-hair or non-abrasive brush is vital to the appearance and health of its fur-felt, and should be done whenever dust/debris buildup occurs.

Store a hat in our original box to prolong its life or free-hang on a hook for short-term storage.

Extra care should be taken while a hat is wet. Placing a hat upright on its brim is only advised while it is wet/drying.

A soft absorbent surface is Ideal for the integrity of the fur-felt.